You Deserve to be healthy!

The powerful weight loss coaching program based on holistic nutrition and the mind-body connection. Lose weight, increase energy, and live life at your best… The healthy way!

Take back your health!

Imagine the satisfaction of taking control of your health, reaching a healthy weight and being free to live your life fully. The "You Deserve 2 Be Healthy" weight loss program is easy to follow. It requires no counting calories, measuring food, or daily weigh in, and the benefits are profound. Those who have stayed committed to this holistic nutrition program have had a 100% success rate.

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    Christen Kaplan

    Meet The Founders

    Christen Kaplan

    Certified Holistic Nutritionist, wellness expert, and supplementation expert
    CEO of Love a Wholistic Life Inc.

    Christen has dedicated over twenty years to researching holistic nutrition, understanding lifestyle diseases, and the development of nutritional education. Christen believes education is power. She has worked one-on-one with hundreds of clients and their physicians with the LAWL programs, supporting patients diagnosed with obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions that improve with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.

    Meet The Founders

    Elizabeth Inman

    Certified Holistic Nutritionist and wellness expert
    COO of Love a Wholistic Life Inc.

    Beth has a passion for serving her clients. She’s known for her caring and gentle nature, treating clients like family. Helping others realize true health has become her mission. Whether she is uncovering health issues through leading-edge testing or helping others address health challenges through LAWL’s nutrition and lifestyle program, she loves being part of life-changing and sometimes life-saving solutions!

    Elizabeth Inman

    Get Ready to Change Your Life!

    Lose Weight & Feel Great...The Healthy Way.

    Reach your weight and nutritional goals!


    6-Week Weight Loss Coaching Course

    You Deserve 2 Be Healthy!

    Our 6-week online course is now available in three formats, based on the amount of 1-on-1 personal coaching that fits YOUR NEEDS.

    All 3 Course Options include:

    • 6-Week Online Video Training
    • Nutritional Program
    • Journal Guidance
    • Weekly Recipe Videos
    • Our Favorite Meals with Recipes
    • Weekly Action Steps for Success
    • Nutritional Hacks for Time-saving Meal Prep
    • Quick Tips on Reading Labels


    Christen Kaplan, Nutritionist

    Personal Coaching

    With Christen Kaplan

    Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Christen Kaplan educates you along the way, incorporating self-discipline and accountability with a personal nutritional plan that focuses on nutrient-dense foods proven to be beneficial to health and vitality.

    For your convenience, we provide our comprehensive, proprietary Assessment Tool at your fingertips! This holistic assessment is free and completely confidential. It is the first step in your Love a Wholistic Life journey and provides the information needed to determine how we can best help you achieve true, lasting health.

    Elizabeth Inman

    Personal Coaching

    With Elizabeth Inman

    Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Elizabeth Inman  consults with clients one-on-one to create individualized nutrition and wellness plans, based on each person’s unique body, medical history, lifestyle, goals and mindset.

    Christen and Elizabeth’s caring, expert guidance and motivation provides you with the direction and tools you need to feel confident in the food choices you make, not only now - but for a lifetime.

    Books 1 and 2 in the

    Take Back Your Health Series

    TUrn Your Heart Around!

    The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection to Prevent & Reverse Lifestyle Disease

    Defeat type-2 diabetes

    The kick-ass nutrition guide to help prevent & overcome Type-2 Diabetes

    There is an undeniable connection between your mind, body, and spirit when it comes to reclaiming your health. What you feed your body, how you care for yourself, and the life purpose you set for yourself, all have a profound impact on your emotional and physical well being.

    Turn your heart around and Defeat Type-2 Diabetes book


    "I just love Christen! I could never have done this without her. She knows what she is talking about. I lost 47 lbs and my doctor was happy to decrease my diabetes medications because I did not need them anymore. It was a journey but definitely worth it!”

    Sheryl Faver 

    "This program is powerful! I lost 40lbs and am no longer prediabetic. My blood pressure is down and I feel amazing. Thanks you, Christen! Best coach ever!"

    Jesus Sian

    "I was asked to lose weight and be in the best shape possible prior to spinal surgery. Christen’s unique communication skills allowed me to transition to heightened physical and mental well-being. It wasn’t a diet, it was life-style change that I have continued to maintain years later. "

    Thomas Hilt 

    Real results from our clients

    The results have been profound.

    Those who have fully complied with the program achieved 100% success rate!*


    Julio is coming off his type 2 diabetes medications!

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