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Christen Kaplan: A Healthy Approach to Business

Award-winning attorney, entrepreneur, and author, Kelly Bagla hosts her Go Legal Yourself!® Podcast, reaching listeners in 26 countries. Guest, Christen Kaplan, describes her holistic nutritional approach to health and wellness. Her clients come to her with medical conditions associated with extreme weight issues. Christen does not just focus on helping them lose weight; her primary focus is to use nutritionally-dense foods to help the body heal itself. Clients naturally shed pounds without ever being on a diet. Christen shares her own personal journey from yo-yo dieting and a prediabetic diagnosis to a complete lifestyle change and transformed health.

“Why would anyone diet, when diet has the word ‘DIE’ in it?!"

-Christen Kaplan

Go Legal Yourself podcast

Ep. 125: Christen Kaplan: A Healthy Approach to Business

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