Christen Kaplan Wholistic Nutritionist Weight Counselor

Interview with Christen Kaplan

INTRO: Through the years we’ve witnessed famous sister combos – from the Andrew Sisters of the 1940’s, to the glamorous…

Rhodiola Rosea - Effective Natural Stress Reliever

Rhodiola Rosea – Effective Natural Stress Reliever

How is your stress level holding up? If you are like most people trying to shove 10 pounds of you…

Resistance Band Training for Busy Moms

I have to say I am a lover of using resistance bands during my work out. They are a great…

Sparkling Water Face Dunk

Sparkling Water Face Dunk

You have got to try this!!! I have heard it all, but I was not prepared for this one! You…

Reasons Sleep is Critical for Healthy Skin

5 Reasons Sleep is Critical for Healthy Skin

In a world where we are working harder and sleeping less, among several other physical ways our bodies suffer, another…

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