Take back your health!

The powerful weight management program with all the tools, education and personal coaching you need to be successful and live life at your best. 

You Deserve to feel good about your weight!


You Deserve 2 Be Healthy!

  • Has your weight become a serious health issue?

  • Are you tired of relying on prescription drugs?

  • Do you want to improve your overall health?

The You Deserve 2 Be Healthy! nutritional program is intensive and the benefits are profound. Those who stay on the program have a 100% success rate.

You can change your life!

Imagine the satisfaction of taking control of your health, feeling strong, being happy with your weight and being free to live your life fully.

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You Deserve 2 Be Healthy!
6-Week Course

Take Back Your Health for a better life!


Sheryl Faver 

"I just love Christen! I could never have done this without her. She knows what she is talking about. I lost 47 lbs and my doctor was happy to decrease my diabetes medications because I did not need them anymore. It was a journey but definitely worth it!”

Jesus Sian

"This program is powerful! I lost 40lbs and am no longer prediabetic. My blood pressure is down and I feel amazing. Thanks you, Christen! Best coach ever!"

Thomas Hilt 

"I was asked to lose weight and be in the best shape possible prior to spinal surgery. Christen’s unique communication skills allowed me to transition to heightened physical and mental well-being. It wasn’t a diet, it was life-style change that I have continued to maintain years later. "

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We personally have had our own battles with weight in the past and we know what it feels like to be unhealthy. We also know what it feels like to be healthy. Most importantly we have walked the walk with nutrition and know for a fact, hands down, that you can change your life, health, and body through nutrition and we are ready to take that journey with you! We would love to hear your story and please know we are here for you."

-Christen Kaplan & Beth Inman

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