person drowning a high fat diet

Type 2 Diabetes

person drowning a high fat diet

Question: What causes Type 2 Diabetes?

Answer: Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is caused by an accumulation of saturated fats and excessive glucose or sugar in our bloodstream and specific cells in our bodies. Most people automatically assume it is caused by eating too much sugar. That is only part of the problem. 

Foods high in sugar and simple carbs do impact your blood sugar but equally to blame is consuming foods high in saturated and fats. Both simple carbohydrates and saturated fats contribute to insulin resistance. Let me break this down.

  1. Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas to control blood sugar levels
  2. Insulin moves glucose from your blood into the cells of your muscles to be used as energy
  3. Insulin resistance is when insulin is not responding properly to move glucose to the cells of your body, which causes a rise in blood sugar.
  4. Increased consumption of saturated fats delays the process of blood sugar going into the cells.
  5. The result is blood sugar hangs around longer in the bloodstream.
  6. The combination of saturated fat and excessive sugar cause hyperglycemia (overactive glucose levels)
  7. Hyperglycemia leads to Type 2 diabetes
  8. Animal products (meat and dairy) are high in saturated fats. 
  9. If you are overweight or obese you are at high risk for type 2 diabetes.

Controlling your blood sugar is important because the longer you have a high amount of glucose or sugar in your bloodstream it can damage your blood vessels, nerves, and tissue which can lead to organ disfunction, difficulty with wound healing, extensive circulatory complications. Long term complications of Type 2 diabetes can cause death. Medication does not cure type 2 diabetes. Even when you are taking your medications, type 2 diabetes continues to raise havoc in your body. The only cure for type 2 diabetes is eating a balanced diet of plenty of fruits and veggies and well as eliminating excess sugar, saturate fats, processed foods, and alcohol from your diet. Only you can cure yourself of type 2 diabetes. Your doctor can not cure your diabetes. Doctors only treat symptoms by prescribing medications that are used to try to regulate your glucose however at that point the damage is done, and you are a diabetic. 

Often my clients assume because they are on medication, they no longer have diabetes. NOT TRUE! If there is not a dramatic change in lifestyle and diet the diabetes will continue to damage a diabetic’s cells, tissue and organs leading to a multitude of complications and a plethora of additional prescription medications and a major decrease in quality of life.

Unfortunately, my sister and I know all too well the devasting effects of this dangerous disease. We lost our brother at 52 years of age to complications of type 2 diabetes. It is astounding how the foods we choose to put in our mouths can literally kill us.

Choose to take back your life and your health! Choose healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Remember, be good to your body and your body will be good to you!

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