Fire Fighters fighting a fire

Turning Down the Heat on Inflammatory Diseases

We speak often about this subject with our clients! Chronic inflammation (long-term inflammation) can be the root of all evil when it…

diagram of the lungs and inflamation

Understanding Inflammation – The Good and the Bad

Inflammation serves a critical purpose. It helps fight off serious threats and illnesses in your body. Inflammation activates an immune response and…


Plant Based Diet vs. Vegan Diet

I prefer plant-based nutrition for myself however my best friend is a hard-core vegan. What is the difference? Not like there isn’t…

moringa tea a drink from the fountain of youth

Moringa Tea – A Drink From the Fountain of Youth

If you could put water from the fountain of youth into a pleasant drink, would you drink it? Heck yea! I want…

the super powers of oregano

Oh Oregano! The Super Powers of Oregano

Organum Vulgare, the scientific name for Oregano. This impressive herb is truly a super weapon used not only for its ability to…

Benefits of Taking Prebiotics and Probiotics

The Benefits of Taking Prebiotics and Probiotics

First, what is a prebiotic and what is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? A prebiotic is a compound in food that…

Drink Yourself Beautiful

Drink Yourself Beautiful

No, I do not mean beer goggle’s beautiful! I mean water, water, water!!! Water is of major importance to all living things….

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