person drowning a high fat diet

Type 2 Diabetes

Question: What causes Type 2 Diabetes? Answer: Insulin resistance Insulin resistance is caused by an accumulation of saturated fats and…

Fire Fighters fighting a fire

Turning Down the Heat on Inflammatory Diseases

I speak often about this subject with my clients! Inflammation is the root of all evil when it comes to…

the lungs connection with nature featured

The Lungs Connection with Nature

This quote comes from one of my favorite books called Holistic Anatomy authored by Pip Waller. “In a wonderfully neat…

Understanding Inflammation – The Good and the Bad

Inflammation serves a critical purpose. It helps fight off serious threats and illnesses in your body. Inflammation activates an immune…


Plant Based Diet vs. Vegan Diet

I prefer plant-based nutrition for myself however my best friend is a hard-core vegan. What is the difference? Not like…

Christen Kaplan Wholistic Nutritionist Weight Counselor

Interview with Christen Kaplan

INTRO: Through the years we’ve witnessed famous sister combos – from the Andrew Sisters of the 1940’s, to the glamorous…

Rhodiola Rosea - Effective Natural Stress Reliever

Rhodiola Rosea – Effective Natural Stress Reliever

How is your stress level holding up? If you are like most people trying to shove 10 pounds of you…

moringa tea a drink from the fountain of youth

Moringa Tea – A Drink From the Fountain of Youth

If you could put water from the fountain of youth into a pleasant drink, would you drink it? Heck yea!…

the super powers of oregano

Oh Oregano! The Super Powers of Oregano

Organum Vulgare, the scientific name for Oregano. This impressive herb is truly a super weapon used not only for its…

Resistance Band Training for Busy Moms

I have to say I am a lover of using resistance bands during my work out. They are a great…

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